Valuka Sweda (Sand Bag Fomentation)


Valuka Swedana (Sweda) is a very effective treatment in Ayurveda and is usually performed after Abhyanga and Snehana treatments. Valuku translates to sand while Sweda translates to sweat-inducing.

In this therapy, heated sand is used to make painful body parts swell. This process is called fomentation. Valuka Sweda is most effective for conditions characterized by swelling, heaviness, and stiffness. It can be performed on a specific part of the body or the whole body itself.


Valuka Sweda has a variety of benefits including:
– Increases circulation
– Reduces stress and induces calmness and enhanced sleep quality
– Strengthens tissues
– Reduces pain, inflammation, and muscle stiffness
– Rejuvenates bones, nerves, and muscles

The treatment is performed with the bolus which contains heated sand. The bolus is gently rubbed up against a specific part of your body. It is continued until appropriate signs of sweating occur after which a herbal powder may be applied, followed by a hot bath if recommended.