Please read the following carefully if you are scheduling an appointment with Nature Care Ayurveda Yoga Detox and Panchkarma Center


  All consultations, Panchakarma, Detox, Meditation, therapies are by advanced appointment only

  Therapies that are more than one day in duration, including Panchkarma / Detox, require a minimum 50% deposit in advance and full payment before treatment. This deposit is non refundable, but may be applied towards future treatments.

  Please arrive at The center at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to do the necessary paper work. Late arrivals will result in shortened treatment/consultation times, and appointments will only be held for 15 minutes. Late arrivals may lose their scheduled time if there is another customer immediately following.

  Please note: Nature Care Ayurveda Yoga Detox & Panchkarma do except few private health funds & constantly working with AAA to involve other health funds

  However, we’ll provide you with the necessary documentation you can send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement

Re-scheduling or Canceling Appointments

  All reschedules and cancellations require 24 hours notice prior to the time of appointment. This is important so that time may be given to another customer.

  No shows will be charged 100%.


  Most Ayurvedic Therapies use a lot of oils for therapeutic purposes. We suggest that you wear casual clothing since you may be going home with some oils. Also, For your convience please bring an old towel to drape over your shoulders or car seat.

Special Consideration

  Please do let us know If you have any allergy ,recent injury , high blood pressure, heart conditions, are pregnant or have any other medical complications before the commencement of any therapy at the cetre.


  We accept cash and Visa and Master Card. Prices and package details are subject to change without prior notice.


  Feel free to contact us for more specific directions from your home or hotel.


  Free Parking is available in the premises


Please note: Insurance companies do not cover Ayurvedic services in the Australia

Nature Care Ayurveda Yoga Detox & Panchkarma does not have a direct relationship with insurance companies. However, we’ll provide you with the necessary documentation you can send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

Few insurance companies may offer reimbursement for wellness plans such as bodywork treatments, and yoga classes. Please check with your insurance provider on possible reimbursement.


Ayurveda In Sydney is an integrated, complementary, Preventive ,informative and educative forum with the vision of providing self healing tools with lifestyle adjustments with herbs and ancient Ayurvedic Therapies for restoration of health and prevention of imbalances . None of the information or products in the Ayurveda Program is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For medical concerns, please consult your physician. Before making changes to your diet or lifestyle, please consult your physician.

Please note – Ayurveda In Sydney is a Complete holistic center in authentic Ayurvedic wisdom Sydney and Australia. The aim is to provide an integrated program that restores health and protects from imbalances with rejuvention . (Disease risk prevention.)

Please DO NOT take an Ayurveda program to substitute your medical treatment. Ayurveda Therapy is a long term, slow acting preventive therapy that includes diet, lifestyle changes along with stress management with Ayurvedic massages, yoga & meditation practice. IT IS NOT A MEDICAL PLAN. It is the therapy that slowly builds immunity introducing healthier habits for improvement of health and helps in preventing the risk of imbalances such as chronic diseases. It is NOT AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN for medical treatment.

*Please inform your physician about the Ayurveda regimen before you incorporate changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Ayurveda In Sydney does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ayurveda In Sydney is NOT a medical facility or provide emergency services.

Please call your physician, medical facility or emergency services for ALL medical complaints.

Please note –
Ayurveda in Sydney is not a yoga studio or a massage center. Private sessions of yoga and Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage with external application of oil) are provided as a physical exercise plan and detoxifying, stress management tool respectively to support Ayurveda Program & Ayurvedic lifestyle.