I am so glad that I am consulting Nature Care Ayurveda to help me achieve my health goals. It’s been 4-5 weeks now and I can feel and see the improvements in my health. It’s a team of highly professional and talented doctors that focus on long-term and sustainable solutions rather than just shortcuts. I have been undertaking a number of detox procedures and each one of them is such an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Totally recommend this place if one is looking for a complete body and mind solution.

It’s worth mentioning a special thank you to Dr Naveen Shukla and Dr Urmila for their efforts towards me.

Priyanka Dean

Nature Care Ayurveda

Been a great experience with Dr Naveen.
He made you feel very welcomed and comfortable.
After a consultation, I have understood how my body works and what my body needs to be healthy.

I have been slowly adjusting back to feeling healthy ever since.
The treatments were very healing and relaxing.
If you are looking for a holistic way of healing and living. Dr Naveen really helps guide you through understanding your body.

Zheng Lin

Ayurveda Consultation a journey to Healing

Just before Christmas holiday I decided to go for Panchakarma detox treatment. Don’t ask why that time knowing that tables for Xmas will be full of goodies …if u care about your mind and body NOW is the best time to look after it…🙏❤NOW is all we have. The best experience I have ever had. Doctors and staff at NCA Centre are absolutely amazing, knowledgeable and looking after their patients very well. All treatments throughout all 7days were fantastic…my body felt great but also my mind was clear and sharp…calm and relaxed.. Dr Nikhila and her magical hands will bring relief to anybody and any body😊 her marma therapy is absolutely something I will come back for on a regular basis..it feels like being reborn… you have to experience it yourself…you will understand what I’m talking about. Dr Naveen Shukla and Dr Urmila took care of me every day treating my body so well bringing energy and balance to all my cells. I recommend Nature Care Ayurveda Centre not only for panchakarma but it will be definately great start of a journey to your wellbeing. Thank you All in the centre who looked after me.. it was awesome 7 days Wishing you All a very happy prosperous New Year and many new clients looking for a *NEW themself* in your Centre Love and light 🙏❤

Yola K

Panchakarma detox

Perfect, I can’t quite believe how much i am enjoying PANCHAKARMA. It haven’t been difficult at all, But pure pleasure.
I love the Pranayama practice at the beginning, and connection with Dr Naveen Shukla. I can feel my body changing and improving.
A big surprise is the mental/emotional state. I was expecting an emotional release, but each day i feel more alert, aware, relaxed.
I feel as though the emotional baggage is melting away, all on its own.The food has been delicious nourshing and made with love.
Thank you

Sallyann Taylor ,Yoga teacher, Australia

Very Professional.
I had two hours of treatment followed by a rest room and a hand blended tea.
I am an Osteopath and pretty fussy about practioners.
I walked away feeling restored and impressed.

Alison Linn, Sydney, Australia