At Nature Care Ayurveda (NCA), we treat holistically with various recommended time-honoured natural nontoxic therapies of Ayurveda, Diet modification, Lifestyle adjustments, Panchakarma (internal cleansing), Yoga and Meditation techniques.

We believe that, we are the sum of all the choices we make, “What we CHOOSE we BECOME”.

Therapies at Nature Care Ayurveda work on Physical, Psychological & spiritual planes of health. The main aim of therapies to connect body and mind to mother nature and follow a divine way of living by purifying body and Soul.

There are two main methods explained in Ayurveda to maintain the health and treat the diseases.

a) Shamana Therapy:

Meant to relive the symptom of diseases and maintenance of heath with herbs, life style adjustments, diet plan, Yoga Medication etc. Shamana therapies helps to pacify the cause.

b) Shodhana Therapy:

Meant to relive the symptom of diseases and maintenance of heath with herbs, life style adjustments, diet plan, Yoga Medication etc. Shamana therapies helps to pacify the cause.

Nature Care Ayurveda is fully dedicated to achieve the optimal health and wellbeing by using Natural organic herbs, herbal oils and food as medicine. The therapies help to balance Doshas, treat illness and disease, relieve stress & Anxiety, improve sleep, boost up metabolism and functioning of Gut and Liver, prevent anaemia, maintain weight, tonify skin, improve sexual health and fertility, retune body by building OJAS (Immunity) and longevity with Detoxification, Relaxation and Rejuvenation.

Here is a list of therapies, we do at Nature care Ayurveda to get Idea about way of natural Healing. These therapies are safe and recommended 1year of baby to 100 years of age after consulting with Ayurvedic consultant.

You can choose therapies by yourself, if you already familiar with Ayurveda and treatments. We still recommend to consult to get a tailored plan.

Still have any question feel free to chat, email, phone or come in and see us.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic herbal Oil massage):

Abhyanga is one of the first treatment many of you undoubtedly already experienced. It is the comprehensive and calming Ayurvedic body massage with specific warm herbal oils. Abhyanga helps to loosen the deep-seated toxins which are adherent to the walls of minute channels.Abhyanga is scientifically related to direct absorption of natural medicines by biggest external organ called Skin. Specific herbal oils used in Nature Care Ayurveda to perform Abhyanga to treat imbalance, rejuvenate the body by calming the nervous system and stimulating immune system. Abhyanga is like oiling the dry wood. If we keep oiling the dry wood, it become soft, flexible and strong similarly in body.

Abhyanga is recommended in Vata Imbalance, musculoskeletal diseases, excellent aphrodisiac to nourish sex chakras, Anti-ageing, overcomes fatigue due to physical and mental strain, increase stamina and vitality, promotes longevity, makes skin soft and silky, improves sleep, general tolerance and patience.

Marma Therapy:

Marma in Sanskrit means “Secret”. A unique method of great ancient knowledge to heal the body by utilizing secret, hidden, vital 107 energy points. Marma massage helps to activate the Chakras (energy centres) of body mind and consciousness. It relieves obstruction in circulatory channels to improve flow of life in body.Marma therapy is recommended in common condition like frozen joints, muscular strain, joint pain, nervous system disorders, low energy, fatigue, memory loss, migraine, anxiety, depression, insomnia and highly appreciated in diseases like Paralysis, sciatica, Tremors, Huntington’s disease, Muscular twitching, facial palsy, disc bulge or prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Shiro Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Head & Shoulder Massage)

Head is considered as uttmang or crown of our body. A special technique used in Ayurveda to do Shiro abhyanga called Champi with special herbal oils to massage most vulnerable areas to stress and tension. This special therapy induces the state of calm, peace, clarity by relieving the fatigue, headache, stiffness, insomnia, burning in eyes and maintain profound state of tranquillity.

Pada Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Reflexology)

It is the application of special herbal oil to the feet. Feet massage is one among the daily rituals explained in Ayurveda especially before going to bed. Our feet are the centre of many nerve endings provide stability to physical and psychological body.

In Pada abhyanga special reflex points been massaged to relieve negative energy, stress, anxiety, fatigue, promote sleep and circulation.

(Mardana) Remedial massage

Although oil massage is integral part of Ayurveda but special Remedial massage option are also available at Nature Care Ayurveda to meet the specific need of clients. Mardana means pressing or pinching specific muscle, organ or pressure points to tone the body, may even produce little ache during the procedure. Mardana is recommended in if you are allergic to oils, stiff neck and shoulders, headaches and relieve stress.


Shirodhara is the blessing and asset of Ayurveda to mankind. It is an incredible, profound relaxation and rejuvenating therapy, healing people over centuries and recommended to most clients at Nature Care Ayurveda.

A warm herbal oil (more than a litre) gently pouring over third eye the spiritual energy centre of the body along with forehead over a certain duration. This treatment directly impact on nervous system by calming, relaxing, energizing and tuning body to yourself.

Shirodhara is recommended after a full body abhyanga as it is necessary to relax the physical body before heading toward the state of cavernous relaxation.

Shirodhara is recommended in all bodily constitutions but specific for Vata imbalance, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, depression, tiredness, low self-esteem and interest, improve level of meditation and spiritual practise, deaddiction, hypertension, diabetes, nervous system disorders, reignite mental clarity, reduce the effect due to radiation and chemical exposure and so on. A series of 5, 7, 10 therapies is advised. This is the treatment not to miss.


TAKRADHARA is comparable to Shirodhara where lukewarm Takra (medicated herbal buttermilk) being poured instead of herbal oil over forehead or full frame to balance the Doshas and rejuvenate the body.

Similarly, in Ksheeradhara special medicated herbal organic milk uses to cure imbalance. Whereas herbal concoction used in Jaladhara.

These therapies are individually tailored by their Ayurvedic consultant at Nature Care Ayurveda.

Swedana (Herbal Sudation Therapy)

A special therapy initiates sweating with herbalised steam called Swedana. It is very essential treatment prior to detoxification with other therapies as it liquefies toxins/Ama and draw them into excretory channels to flush out of the body. Most of the treatment are incomplete without Swedana.

Swedana is explained under various subdivisions per therapeutic action and individual constitution.

Shastika Shali Pinda Swedana

This treatment is very much involved in Karelian style of Ayurveda and famous as NavaraKhizhi. A special type of rice is processed with herbs and milk to perform this treatment. After preparing bolus is formed and rubbed against the body. This treatment is very rejuvenating, strengthening, exfoliating, improves lustre of the skin, fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Paralytic stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, relieves aches and give strength to Joints, neck and shoulders.


Khizi is a therapy where herbs are tied in a muslin cloth poultice heated in warm oils to apply heat over body. It is a kind of remedial treatment to deeply penetrate the heat into tissues and organ system to rejuvenate, revitalise, relieve stress, refresh, tonify and improve the circulation. A special herbal oils and herbs used in Khizi to get new-born experience.


Agni Swedana

where heat is applied directly to perspire the body and to open the circulatory channels. There are 13 different Agni Swedana treatment explained in classics.


Valuka Swedana

An exceptional way of steaming the specific body parts with heated sand pouch. Highly recommended in Rheumatoid Arthritis, disease related to muscle, bones and nerves.


Nadi Swedana

Nadi Swedana is the unique way of giving steam to specific area rather than whole body. A special rubber tube fitted to an instrument filled with herbs to produce herbal steam. This therapy recommended in condition likes Hemiplegia, Arthritis, Parkinsonism, sore muscles, Backache, Sinus

Ishtika Swedana

A special therapy to apply heat on specific on highly pressure holding sites in body like heels, joints to relieve inflammation.


Anagni Swedana

The indirect methods of sweating without heat like staying in special heated room, sleeping in heavy woollen blankets, drinking specific herbal concoction like pigeon-holed in 10 categories.

Patra Pinda Swedana

Patra Pinda Swedana is slightly different from Khizi as fresh herbs used to make a poultice. Patra is fresh leaves of medicinal plants, Pinda is bolus and Swedana is Fomentation/Sweating. Herbs like Vitex negundo, Acrus calamus, Gingiber officinale, Citrus limon, Eletteria cardamomum, Ricinus communis used in this therapy. Beneficial to relieve pain, relax muscles, improve joint health, metabolise fat.


UDVARTANA- Weight Loss Therapy

Weight loss world renowned therapy one must experience at Nature Care Ayurveda. Udvartana is a unique therapy where the body is massaged by herbal powders/ herbal pastes as per your Dosha constitution.

The therapy is body toning, nourishing and deeply invigorating as it helps to strengthen the skeletal system with reduction of stubborn fat. This exfoliating and energising treatment directly work on hair follicles, sub cutaneous fat and helps to drain the cellulite, fat deposits leaving a silky new-born skin.

Udvartana is a detoxifying treatment recommended in Kapha disorders, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Skin issues, cellulite, improper lymphatic drainage, joint stiffness, Varicose veins, muscular dystrophy, sluggish metabolism, poor circulation, Neurological disorders and improves skin complexion.


A time tested effective nurturing treatment of Ayurveda to look after ruler centre of the body. Head is a hard shell give protection to brain and its functioning centres. Shirovasti is great invention of Ayurvedic sears to directly nourish the crown.

Shirovasti is a therapy where medicated oil retained over head with a special head cap for certain duration as per Dosha dominancy or imbalance. This treatment is advised with specific plan of treatments for 7, 10 days or over 2 weeks.

It is highly recommended in Neurological conditions, OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Huntington diseases, conditions affecting cranial nerves, Parkinsonism, Paralysis, Epilepsy, Insanity, Insomnia, Migraine, facial paralysis, Degenerative ailments, Anxiety and Depression.

Pizzichil (Deep Relaxation)

A very luxury therapy where warm herbalised oil being poured all over the body in constant flow. This treatment is unique as it combines the goodness of two therapies lubrication and sudation perform simultaneously with warm herbal oil.

The treatment was the choice of treatment in ancient Royal families due to its magnificence, relaxing, antiaging and rejuvenating effect.

Pizzichil is recommended in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Adrenal exhaustion, sleep disturbances, restoration of healthy skin, osteoarthritis, Vata imbalance. It is like a treat to your body with profound body and mind relaxation.


A traditional Ayurvedic therapy has the privilege of offering the best care for backache and disorders of Lumbo-sacral region. A therapeutic treatment where special healing oil is retained tropically in a special flour cabinet on back or specific area for a certain duration. This treatment carries a special pain relieving and soothing effect by releasing muscle tension and stiffness and greasing the spine.

Katibasti is recommended in lumbago, sore office back, Sciatica, Slip and degenerative Disc, Disc prolapse, Lumbar Spondylosis, Spondylolisthesis, Spinal herniation, Spina Bifida, Stiff shoulder and nerve pain.

GREEVABASTI (Cervical Care)

Greevabasti is great blessing treatment to relieve stiffness, aches and inflammation over neck, shoulders and related areas. The treatment is alike Kati Basti where warm medicated oils or herbal concoction bath is performed over nape and cervical to nourish the upper back.

This is an effective therapeutic Ayurvedic treatment to treat Frozen shoulder, stiff neck, Vertigo, sports injuries, herniated disc, bursitis, chronic back pain, migraine/headaches, cervical spondylosis, Ankylosing spondylitis, tremors etc. The treatment is recommended over a period to get the desired result.


Janu is a Sanskrit word signify Knee. Janubasti is a specific treatment to take care and maintain the integrity of most valuable joint of our body. In this healing and rejuvenating therapy knee joint is filled with special warm herbal oil or herbal concoction for a certain duration.

It is highly recommended treatment as Knee joints hold full weight and chances to get early degeneration become high. This therapeutic treatment is effective in conditions like osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, knee pain, strengthening the knee joint, high physical exertion, protects degenerative changes and improves mobility.

NASYA (Sinus and ENT care)

Nasya is an authentic therapy of healing where special Nasal herbal oils, medicated ghee, fresh herbal juice, paste, powders are administered through nostrils to purify upper respiratory track and sinuses. Nasya soften the clogged debris/toxins located in channels of head, sinuses and flush out of the body by using nasal and oral passage.

There are many classifications of Nasal medications elaborated in classics. As a layman, Nasya is categorised by its action to cleanse and rejuvenate the channels and balance the specific Dosha. Nasya is given after special consideration to suits your physical and mental needs at specific times of the day.

Nose is the direct gateway to head and consciousness. Being gateway to head, this therapy is effective in condition related to sensory organs, mind, head, neck, sinus, shoulders.

Nasya is recommended in Insomnia, Eye sight defects, Thyroid, Auto immune, tightness in Jaws, Insanity, Epilepsy, convulsions, Parkinsonism, ADHD, OCD, Multiple sclerosis, Anxiety neurosis, Stress, Insomnia, Excessive sleep, drowsiness, Migraine, Slurred speech, tinnitus, dry eyes, Eustachian tube infection, Deafness, Trigeminal neuralgia, Deaddiction, hair fall, alopecia, hemiplegia, lack of concentration, foggy mind, dizziness, nervousness, fear, lack of self-esteem and so on.

Nasya is rejuvenating due to nurturing effect. It improves mental clarity, capability to analyse deeply, focus, concentration, restore positivity, rebuild self-esteem and enthusiasm, reduce stress and clear the respiratory passage.


Akshitarpana is a very special therapy to nourish the delicate sensory media organ of our body. A special herbal Ghee, oil or concoction is pooled on eyes by making a circle around eyes for specific duration to accomplish Akshitarpana.

It is a special gift to nourish eyes as they exert more than anything in modern lifestyle due to sedentary lifestyle, mental exertion, more exposure to bright lights, mobiles, computers and pollutants. This therapy is not restricted up to eyes but nourish the entire face and mind.

It is recommended in Dry eyes, eyestrain, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, corneal ulcer, blurred vision, cataract, relieve pain and burning in eyes, dark circles as glowing effect, Insomnia, strengthen eye tissues, correct refractive errors, Optic nerve atrophy. A series of therapies is a basic requirement to get the desired results.

Karna Poorna (EAR Care)

An authentic Ayurvedic therapy specifically designed to nourish, revitalise and cure problems related to ears. Ears are equally important like any other organ in the body as they give us existence by connecting to others.

Karna poorna is a therapy where warm medicated herbal oil/ghee is being poured in ear canal to treat specific conditions. It helps to cleanse Eustachian tube and give strength to outer, middle and internal ear.

It is beneficial in hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease, earache or congestion, discharge from ears, Swimmer’s ear, frequent ear infections, Insomnia, tightness in jaws, Itchy ears, Insomnia, improve sense of hearing and taste.

Panchakarma 3-4 hrs a day. Please ask at reception


In ancient times, legends spoke of life extension therapies whereby an elderly man or woman could engage in certain types of therapies that would rejuvenate and transform every cell in the body from old and toxic to youthful and vital.

The real gift of ancient wisdom to rebalance, detoxify and rejuvenate the body and mind. It is a simple solution or answer to many health conditions. Ayurveda is not limited only to CURE THE DISEASE but focus more on PREVENTION AND MAINTENANCE. It is a very powerful therapy that provides a unique opportunity of the system to self-repair and rejuvenate.

Panchakarma comprises five Exclusive treatments that eliminate all toxins accumulate in the body which cause disease and rebalance Doshas. These treatments need special consideration, Diet and treatment plan to get the life changing effect.


VAMANA Karma (Emesis Therapy)

Vamana is a medicated emesis therapy recommended in Kapha Dosha aggravation. The toxins are pulled out of the body from upper passage after preparation for few days. The Vamana karma is recommended after a consult and thorough understanding of treatment in condition like Bronchial Asthma, Allergies, hay fever, chronic cough, Sinusitis, indigestion, cervical lymph adenitis, Psoriasis, chronic cold, mental disorders, loss of taste to the food.

VIRECHANA Karma (Purgative Therapy)

Virechana is therapeutic laxation therapy in which toxins are flushed out by using lower excretory passage. A special medicine is given to stimulate vitiate Doshas and toxins from the stomach, small intestine, gall bladder and liver and induce laxation for certain duration to detoxify the body. Virechana is recommended in condition like anaemia, acne, jaundice, inflammation, rashes, Nausea, intestinal worms, parasite and diseases of blood.

Parisheka / Sharvangadhara

Parisheka is recommended in maintaining health and treating the psycho-somatic ailments. In Parisheka warm herbal concoction or medicine sprinkled all over the body to produce sweating and improve circulation. There are many concepts to perform Sharvangadhara as per Doshas imbalance, nature of disease, area of the body and so on.

Parisheka is recommended in relieving pain, stiffness, swelling related to Musculoskeletal system or metabolic conditions. It brings lightness in the body and flexibility in joints, improve compactness and physical strength, boost immunity and digestive functions.

BASTI Karma (Enema therapy)

Basti karma is rewarded as mother of all cleansing treatments like a complete package. The treatment balance all three Doshas and cleanse the body by using natural excretory root colon. This treatment directly improves the absorption mechanism of body. Basti karma is recommended in most of the health conditions like Infertility, sexual debility, Vata disorders, Constipation, Paralysis, malabsorption, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Colitis and mental health.


RAKTAMOKSHANA Karma (Blood cleansing Therapy)

The treatment was not very popular in the western world formerly but these days becoming popular due to its uniqueness and healing strength. Raktamokshana is not a general panchakarma treatment and advised in specific conditions. The treatment belongs to Surgical branch of Ayurveda. There are several methods explained to perform panchakarma but popular is sucking of impure blood by applying leaches on affected area. Unfortunately, we do not perform this treatment in our centre due to Federal laws.

NASYA Karma (Nasal Medication)

Nasya is the therapy where special medicated oil is administered through nostrils to detoxify the accumulated Doshas in sinus, throat and head. It is recommended in conditions like Migraine, nasal allergies, hay fever, Nasal Polyp, Insanity, Epilepsy, Tinnitus, clarity of voice and neurological conditions.


60 + 20 min (20 min Music Therapy + Herbal TEA in Meditation Room)