Akshitarpana Therapy photo


Akshitarpana, an ancient therapeutic practice, stands as a testament to the profound understanding of holistic well-being within traditional healing systems. This specialized therapy focuses on nourishing the intricate sensory media organ of the body – the eyes. By applying a unique blend of herbal ghee, oil, or concoction, we create a circular pool around the eyes for a specified duration, marking the essence of Akshitarpan.

In the contemporary era, the human lifestyle becomes subject to prolonged periods of inactivity. Mental strain, and heightened exposure to artificial illumination (i.e. computers with bright lights) leads the eyes to suffer. Akshitarpana emerges as a therapeutic oasis. It provides a dedicated solution to counteract the adverse effects of modern living on ocular health. However, its benefits extend beyond the eyes, permeating the entire face and mind.

This therapeutic regimen becomes particularly relevant in addressing a spectrum of ocular issues, ranging from dry eyes, eyestrain, and conjunctivitis to more severe conditions like glaucoma, corneal ulcer, and cataract. Moreover, Akshitarpana aims to alleviate common discomforts like pain and burning sensations in the eyes, while simultaneously working towards aesthetic enhancements, reducing dark circles and imparting a radiant glow to the eyes.


In its holistic approach, Akshitarpana transcends mere physical benefits, delving into the realms of mental well-being. Ayurveda recommends this therapy for conditions like insomnia. By leveraging its soothing properties to induce restful sleep we can promote a sense of tranquility in the mind. Additionally, the therapy contributes to the strengthening of eye tissues, correcting refractive errors, and addressing optic nerve atrophy.

However, the efficacy of Akshitarpana lies in the commitment to a series of therapies. Consistency is a fundamental requirement to unlock the full spectrum of benefits and achieve the desired results. As an intricate dance of ancient wisdom and modern understanding, Akshitarpana offers a unique sanctuary for the eyes. It encompasses both physical and mental dimensions in its pursuit of overall well-being.

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