Akshitarpana is a very special therapy to nourish the delicate sensory media organ of our body. A special herbal Ghee, oil or concoction is pooled on eyes by making a circle around eyes for specific duration to accomplish Akshitarpana.

It is a special gift to nourish eyes as they exert more than anything in modern lifestyle due to sedentary lifestyle, mental exertion, more exposure to bright lights, mobiles, computers and pollutants. This therapy is not restricted up to eyes but nourish the entire face and mind.

It is recommended in Dry eyes, eyestrain, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, corneal ulcer, blurred vision, cataract, relieve pain and burning in eyes, dark circles as glowing effect, Insomnia, strengthen eye tissues, correct refractive errors, Optic nerve atrophy. A series of therapies is a basic requirement to get the desired results.