True happiness and well-being are essential to balance and cannot be achieved by affluence. Ayurveda always leads us to Yoga and Meditation Retreat practices. The entire holistic science is to connect physical body to inner soul to understand the importance to be a human and accept the privilege of devotion to humanity.

Yoga is a Sanskrit name creates “Symphony to life”. It is a life style practise with Asanas (postures) which helps to stay in good physical and mental shape by controlling the fluctuations in body and Mind. A special breathing techniques are similarly practised in conjunction with yoga popular as Pranayama- to promote the longevity.

Meditation Retreat in Sydney is a practise of concentrating to calm the body and mind, restores positivity and activate Energy centres called Chakras.

Nature Care Ayurveda is a complete package of holistic healing where you can get advice from specialist to start therapeutic Yoga with Meditation and how to introduce meditation as ritual.

Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation are the essential practices that completes the system of Physical and Mental healing. The benefits are priceless and time tested as they calm the central nervous system, improve neuro-muscular co-ordination, relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression, Balance hormones, improve harmonisation between body and mind, help you feel centred and focused, increase self-esteem and emotional competence, reduce the risk of diseases and bring about a true personal transformation.

Your Body will thank you!!


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