Dosha Quiz

Ayurveda believes that governing principles in nature governs ourselves too. Life is nothing but a play of forces, continually changing and interacting. These forces derived from the theory of five Universal elements called Pancha Mahabhutas (Air Space Fire Water Earth).

They framed as biological energies found throughout the body and mind termed as Doshas (VATA PITTA KAPHA). Doshas make every person unique and is the ultimate key to your individual makeup and nature.

The Doshas are dynamic energies that keeps on changing in response to your actions, thoughts, feelings, Seasons, lifestyle and dietary verdicts. They determine the life processes of growth and decay.

The equilibrium among three great cosmic forces (DOSHAS) is responsible for Vibrant health whilst the imbalance cause various diseases.

The Nature Care Ayurveda is the only centre where simply you can experience the bliss of Ayurveda and learn how to balance Doshas.