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More than 6000 years ago, before any system of medicine implemented the connection between mind and body, the pioneers of INDIA developed a science of healing called Ayurveda, means not just a science of medicine to treat illness, but a vast science who teaches us "HOW TO LIVE LIFE , PREVENT DISEASES AND RESTORE BALANCE" without any adverse effects.

Ayurveda sydney is designed as body of wisdom to create harmony between physical, mental and spiritual health. Here in Sydney, Nature Care Ayurveda offers a range of authentic person centered Ayurvedic treatments and Rejuvenative therapies.

So come in and experience, Ayurvedic consultations, discuss Body type, specific Diet, Rejuvenation plans and Yoga with our highly experienced Doctors.

AAA - ayurved.org.au

AAA - ayurved.org.au


Dr Naveen Shukla

Naveen Shukla

Ayurvedic Practitioner
Dr Urmila Anil Kumar

Urmila Anil Kumar

Ayurvedic Practitioner
Dr Dhwani Patel

DR. Dhwani Patel

Ayurvedic Practitioner
DR Nikhila Venugopal

Nikhila Venugopal

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Rejuvenation and revitalisation would be much more appropriate

The word ”detox” does not remotely describe this treatment. Rejuvenation and revitalisation would be much more appropriate. I was surprised by the incredible feeling of well-being and connectedness in my body after the second day. Just sitting and resting and feeling euphorically happy and connecting again with the simple experience of life was so rewarding. I felt like several layers of something heavy had been pulled off me. The treatment itself was so wonderful and enjoyable and I’m already looking forward to coming back. Thanks to everyone at the centre for making the weekend such an amazing experience.

Sabine Cotter
Maquarie Bank


Perfect, I can’t quite believe how much i am enjoying PANCHAKARMA. It haven’t been difficult at all, But pure pleasure.
I love the Pranayama practice at the beginning, and connection with Dr Naveen Shukla. I can feel my body changing and improving.
A big surprise is the mental/emotional state. I was expecting an emotional release, but each day i feel more alert, aware, relaxed.
I feel as though the emotional baggage is melting away, all on its own.The food has been delicious nourshing and made with love.
Thank you

Sallyann Taylor
Yoga teacher, Australia

Very Professional

I had two hours of treatment followed by a rest room and a hand blended tea.
I am an Osteopath and pretty fussy about practioners.
I walked away feeling restored and impressed.

Alison Linn
Sydney, Australia

My most grateful thanks to NCP

It is some 3 months now since having had the 5 day Panchakarma treatment and my health has changed immensely for the better. I can now digest gluten products and no longer have intolerances. Despite the night shift hours I keep as well as a full time study schedule, I am now able to enjoy a much improved quality of sleep, and much less anxiety. An interesting observation is my contentment for smaller portions of meals and the loss of sweet cravings. I didn’t lose weight as I had hoped but there seems to be a redistribution of weight, so I guess that is better than nothing. If anyone is considering Panchakarma I strongly suggest doing this while you have time off work or study, for optimal results. I still worked night shifts and went for treatments first thing in the morning, followed by bed rest the rest of the day till I returned to night shifts. It was exhausting, as your body and system does get a workout, and you really do need to sleep when you are meant to, instead of working against your body clock. Also ideally have someone drive you there and back, so you have as much rest and relaxation. They are a most humble and dedicated team, who have so much to share about health and wellbeing, and are singleminded about one’s recovery and road to better health. The science of Ayurveda is amazing, and from what little I have learnt from them and now put into practice, has made a huge difference in my state of mind, my inclinations and in the overall balance in my energy levels that allow me to keep a rather punishing schedule as I do. If you have a week to spare, put your health first over a trip around the country, your body and mind will thank you for it. My most grateful thanks to Drs Naveen Shukla and Vishal Sharma, and the most devoted Linda Joya, in whose capable and caring hands I received the daily treatments. Namaste.

Gardenia Delight
Sydney, Australia

A true haven ! Highly Recommended

A true haven, I recommend Nature Care Ayurveda wholeheartedly. Such an excellent practice. I went there seeking help for my chronic fatigue, arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis), and head fog. Dr Naveen and Dr Vishal are warm, caring professionals and both posess a generosity of spirit I have seen in few other practitioners. Initially I was prescribed a course of herbs and minor changes to my already ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, aswell as treatments. This helped my ailments considerably however due to the trust they evoked I decided to commit to a 15 day panchakarma. This was life changing. Over the course of 15 days the Doctors gently guided me through this amazing process. I went in every day for the herbal medicine and different massage treatments and steam baths in the caring hands of Linda who by the way is an angel. Dr Naveen taught me a daily practice of meditation and pranayama which I now have incorporated into my daily routine and it has been amazing. The Doctors prepared meals for me to take home every day. The results of the panchakarma are remarkable. 2 months later now I feel lighter, more supple in my joints, much more flexible. My anxiety has reduced to almost zero, I feel a calmness I did not have before. My head is clear, bloating gone, puffiness in the face gone. I sleep through the night now, and don’t have to get up to go to the bathroom anymore. Constipation gone. From their herbal and treatment rejuvenation regime post detox my energy is steadily replenishing. I thought this would never happen as I had been depleted in energy for many years, tried so many other things which barely touched the sides. I cannot recommend Nature Care Ayurveda enough. Oh and their treatment and meditation rooms are very comfortable. The Doctors have given me a new lease on life and I am so grateful. I recommend you try this practice whether it be for a single consultation, massage treatments, or a whole panchakarma.

Sydney, Australia

The high level of professionalism

Panchakarma at Nature Care Ayurveda was a critical step in my healing journey. There was a significant improvement in some of my symptoms – indigestion and fatigue.
The Ayurvedic doctors administering the treatment were Dr Sharma and Dr Shukla and the therapist was Linda Joya. The high level of professionalism and genuine enthusiasm and concern they displayed is rare in my experience. The doctors provided continuing support in the periods prior and post panchakarma.
In my case, three to four therapies were provided daily for a period of 5 days. The entire treatment was enjoyable and was closely monitored by the team. I would not hesitate to recommend Nature Care Ayurveda.

Melbourne, Australia

Amazing Treatment

Treatments are amazing. Walked out feeling like I was walking on air. Currently working one on one with my doctor to learn how to keep my body and mind healthy.

Marie Patane
Sydney, Australia

Highly recommended !!

I have suffered from Depression, Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for more than 20 years. I tried various therapies in India, Singapore and in Sydney without any Success. Finally, I found out this centre and after my first consultation with the doctor, I was advised to have Ayurvedic treatments.
After my first Ayurvedic treatment 2 months back till now, I don’t have a down day at all and I totally came out from my Depression and Anxiety medication within one month of treatment. I was taking Modern medicine and Nasal spray(Steroid) on and off for 7 or 8 years. My life is totally changed and I feel like completely new person. My energy levels are great and my outlook towards life is very positive. Their facilities like massage room, meditation room after massage are top class.  Special thanks to Doctor Vishal for taking care of me very well every time I go there.

Balaji Mariappan
I.T Specialist

Best care for skin disease

This is first review comment in my life. But for the first time I really felt the need to write as I know there are many out there like me who suffer with skin disease and do not get proper treatment. I was suffering from allergies and my whole body was itching since the time in entered Australia. I went to see few GP and then even went to see Specialists which were charging heavy fees. They use to give me Steroids and anti-allergy tablets but none worked. I was not able to sleep for more than half hour in full 24 hours cycle. After struggling for more than 3-4 months I randomly searched for Ayurveda treatment in Sydney and I found Dr. Vishal Sharma. Before visiting him I thought it would be another waste of money just like other Doctors. I had a very good conversation with Dr. Vishal Sharma. To my surprise he did not give much medicine but rather suggested me few changes in my life and asked me to be positive. In just a week time my itching stopped and rashes started going down. I would recommend any one suffering from any type of skin disease please visit him once.

Prakash S
Sydney, Australia

Complete Body and Mind Solution

I am so glad that I am consulting Nature Care Ayurveda to help me achieve my health goals. It’s been 4-5 weeks now and I can feel and see the improvements in my health. It’s a team of highly professional and talented doctors that focus on long-term and sustainable solutions rather than just shortcuts. I have been undertaking a number of detox procedures and each one of them is such an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Totally recommend this place if one is looking for a complete body and mind solution.

It’s worth mentioning a special thank you to Dr Naveen Shukla and Dr Urmila for their efforts towards me.

Priyana Dean (IT Specialist)

Best Treatment for Migraine

Best Treatment for Migraine
I’ve had migraines for about 20 years, and have seen so many different doctors and practitioners – TCM, acupuncture, neurologists, Bowen therapy, a “holistic dentist”. None of them solved the underlying problems, (and with western meds I may have developed a pain killer dependence). But Ayurveda has really helped! From the beginning, Dr. Naveen Shukla explained the causes for migraine and how he was going to treat them, and now, as long as I follow the guidelines, take the herbs and get regular treatments I don’t get any headaches! It’s amazing!

Debbie ZukermanWriter

Weight Loss DETOX

I completed the 7 days detox programs just Six month back. I felt very much relaxed, much more clarity, I have more energy, lose weight and feel more healthier. The whole Detox program was amazing with all these scrubs, marma massage, massages treatments, and head massages and many more treatments. I love everything. Also love the meditation room. I felt at Home in the Nature Care Ayurveda. I felt incredible.

The entire team were lovely very kind, caring and nurturing. All the doctors amazing. I would like to thank everyone for looking after me. And thank you to Dr Naveen Shukla for consultation and making a complete detox plan for me .

I strongly recommend all the treatments in the Nature Care Ayurveda .

Jennifer Jainet

Qualified Ayurveda Professional

Excellent – Personal, Friendly and Professional! I live in Los Angeles. I was in Sydney on business. My blew a disc in my back 4 years ago and I have had constant back pain since. While here in Sydney my back was bothering me more than normal and interfering with my ability to work as I needed.

I found Nature Care Ayuveda and can’t believe the treatment and improvement I have experienced. In just 3 treatments by Dr. Nikhila I have be relieved of 95% of my back pain and I have had my movement and flexibility restored. This was my first experience with the Ayuvedic practice.

Dr. Nikhila and the staff we exceedingly friendly and accomadating, especially as I as from out of the country. Dr. Nikhila’s knowledge and competence in the application Ayuvedic techinques was impressive.

I can highly recommend anyone with back or joint issues to allow Dr. Nikhila and the team at Nature Care Ayuveda to have the opportunity to help you!

Lance Miller – Los Angeles USA

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