Nature Care Ayurveda is fully dedicated to achieve the optimal health and wellbeing by using Natural organic herbs, herbal oils and food as medicine. The therapies help to balance Doshas, treat illness and disease, relieve stress & Anxiety, improve sleep, boost up metabolism and functioning of Gut and Liver, prevent anaemia, maintain weight, tonify skin, improve sexual health and fertility, retune body by building OJAS (Immunity) and longevity with Detoxification, Relaxation and Rejuvenation.

Here is a list of therapies, we do at Nature care Ayurveda to get Idea about way of natural Healing. These therapies are safe and recommended 1year of baby to 100 years of age after consulting with Ayurvedic consultant.

You can choose therapies by yourself, if you already familiar with Ayurveda and treatments. We still recommend to consult to get a tailored plan.

Still have any question feel free to chat, email, phone or come in and see us.