My most grateful thanks to NCP

It is some 3 months now since having had the 5 day Panchakarma treatment and my health has changed immensely for the better. I can now digest gluten products and no longer have intolerances. Despite the night shift hours I keep as well as a full time study schedule, I am now able to enjoy a much improved quality of sleep, and much less anxiety. An interesting observation is my contentment for smaller portions of meals and the loss of sweet cravings. I didn’t lose weight as I had hoped but there seems to be a redistribution of weight, so I guess that is better than nothing. If anyone is considering Panchakarma I strongly suggest doing this while you have time off work or study, for optimal results. I still worked night shifts and went for treatments first thing in the morning, followed by bed rest the rest of the day till I returned to night shifts. It was exhausting, as your body and system does get a workout, and you really do need to sleep when you are meant to, instead of working against your body clock. Also ideally have someone drive you there and back, so you have as much rest and relaxation. They are a most humble and dedicated team, who have so much to share about health and wellbeing, and are singleminded about one’s recovery and road to better health. The science of Ayurveda is amazing, and from what little I have learnt from them and now put into practice, has made a huge difference in my state of mind, my inclinations and in the overall balance in my energy levels that allow me to keep a rather punishing schedule as I do. If you have a week to spare, put your health first over a trip around the country, your body and mind will thank you for it. My most grateful thanks to Drs Naveen Shukla and Vishal Sharma, and the most devoted Linda Joya, in whose capable and caring hands I received the daily treatments. Namaste.