Shirodhara is the blessing and asset of Ayurveda to mankind. It is an incredible, profound relaxation and rejuvenating therapy, healing people over centuries and recommended to most clients at Nature Care Ayurveda.

A warm herbal oil (more than a litre) gently pouring over third eye the spiritual energy centre of the body along with forehead over a certain duration. This treatment directly impact on nervous system by calming, relaxing, energizing and tuning body to yourself.

Shirodhara is recommended after a full body abhyanga as it is necessary to relax the physical body before heading toward the state of cavernous relaxation.

Shirodhara is recommended in all bodily constitutions but specific for Vata imbalance, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, depression, tiredness, low self-esteem and interest, improve level of meditation and spiritual practise, deaddiction, hypertension, diabetes, nervous system disorders, reignite mental clarity, reduce the effect due to radiation and chemical exposure and so on. A series of 5, 7, 10, 11 therapies is advised. This is the treatment not to miss.

Benefits of Shirodhara:

  • Shirodhara is meant for eliminating diseases of head and Vata disorders affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose and nervous system.
  • It helps to overcome stress and its ill effects on nervous system.
  • It helps to relieve insomnia, stress, tension, anxiety, anger, chronic headaches, rheumatism, hypertension, asthma, hair problems; and gives mental relaxation.
  • Shirodhara is curative as well as rejuvenating process as it eliminates lots of diseases and improves vitality.
  • Shirodhara is a Yogic relaxation.

    Three steps of shirodhara are:

  • Client is advised to sit on the massage table and the medicated herbal oil is poured through hair.
  • Whole body is massaged with warm oil.
  • Then the client is advised to lay down on the massage table in supine position (face upwards). Oil is released from the bowl onto the forehead.