Weight loss world renowned therapy one must experience at Nature Care Ayurveda. Udvartana is a unique therapy where the body is massaged by herbal powders/ herbal pastes as per your Dosha constitution.

The therapy is body toning, nourishing and deeply invigorating as it helps to strengthen the skeletal system with reduction of stubborn fat. This exfoliating and energising treatment directly work on hair follicles, sub cutaneous fat and helps to drain the cellulite, fat deposits leaving a silky new-born skin.

Udvartana is a detoxifying treatment recommended in Kapha disorders, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Skin issues, cellulite, improper lymphatic drainage, joint stiffness, Varicose veins, muscular dystrophy, sluggish metabolism, poor circulation, Neurological disorders and improves skin complexion.