Qualified Ayurveda Professional

Excellent – Personal, Friendly and Professional! I live in Los Angeles. I was in Sydney on business. My blew a disc in my back 4 years ago and I have had constant back pain since. While here in Sydney my back was bothering me more than normal and interfering with my ability to work as I needed.

I found Nature Care Ayuveda and can’t believe the treatment and improvement I have experienced. In just 3 treatments by Dr. Nikhila I have be relieved of 95% of my back pain and I have had my movement and flexibility restored. This was my first experience with the Ayuvedic practice.

Dr. Nikhila and the staff we exceedingly friendly and accomadating, especially as I as from out of the country. Dr. Nikhila’s knowledge and competence in the application Ayuvedic techinques was impressive.

I can highly recommend anyone with back or joint issues to allow Dr. Nikhila and the team at Nature Care Ayuveda to have the opportunity to help you!

Lance Miller – Los Angeles USA