Best care for skin disease

This is first review comment in my life. But for the first time I really felt the need to write as I know there are many out there like me who suffer with skin disease and do not get proper treatment. I was suffering from allergies and my whole body was itching since the time in entered Australia. I went to see few GP and then even went to see Specialists which were charging heavy fees. They use to give me Steroids and anti-allergy tablets but none worked. I was not able to sleep for more than half hour in full 24 hours cycle. After struggling for more than 3-4 months I randomly searched for Ayurveda treatment in Sydney and I found Dr. Vishal Sharma. Before visiting him I thought it would be another waste of money just like other Doctors. I had a very good conversation with Dr. Vishal Sharma. To my surprise he did not give much medicine but rather suggested me few changes in my life and asked me to be positive. In just a week time my itching stopped and rashes started going down. I would recommend any one suffering from any type of skin disease please visit him once.