Revitalise Therapy (Abhyanga + Herbal Steam)



Abhyanga is one of the first treatment many of you undoubtedly already experienced. It is the comprehensive and calming Ayurvedic body massage with specific warm herbal oils. Abhyanga helps to loosen the deep-seated toxins which are adherent to the walls of minute channels. Abhyanga is scientifically related to direct absorption of natural medicines by biggest external organ called Skin. Specific herbal oils used in Nature Care Ayurveda to perform Abhyanga to treat imbalance, rejuvenate the body by calming the nervous system and stimulating immune system. Abhyanga is like oiling the dry wood. If we keep oiling the dry wood, it become soft, flexible and strong similarly in body.

Abhyanga is recommended in Vata Imbalance, musculo-skeletal diseases, excellent aphrodisiac to nourish sex chakras, Anti-ageing, overcomes fatigue due to physical and mental strain, increase stamina and vitality, promotes longevity, makes skin soft and silky, improves sleep, general tolerance and patience.

Duration: 1 hr 30 min