The Nirvana Detox- Ancient Weight Loss Therapy- A Gift of Ayurveda to Mankind

UDVARTANAM –Weight loss Therapy

“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, means the brain can only work better if we are healthy. To live “healthy life” there are few unique practices thoroughly explained in Ayurveda.

The well renowned therapy mostly practiced in Ayurvedic culture to Balance, Exfoliate, Detoxify & Rejuvenate is “UDVARTANAM- Herbal Scrub”- The Nirvana Detox- a complete remedy for a blissful life.

In 21st Century, the common reason for most of the disease is the sedentary life style which often leads to Weight Gain (Obesity).

Nearly 30% of the world population is obese. In 2014-15, a staggering 63.4% of Australian adults were overweight. This obesity is the key to many diseases.

Udvartanam is the world renowned Ayurvedic invigorating therapy recommended in many metabolic and lifestyle disorders including Weight Loss or Kapha imbalance.

Udvarthanam helps to reduce the extra deposited stubborn fat beneath the surface of the skin. The visible weight loss with an inch reduction in fat layer within few days of the therapy makes it more exclusive.

It also helps in rejuvenating, exfoliating, toning, strengthening, cellulite reduction, rectifies metabolism, distress our body & mind, enhances blood circulation and gives a long lasting sparkling glow to the skin.Why Udvarthanam is highly recommended???

Balance morbid Kapha & Vata Dosha
➢ Effective in Weight Loss as soften and mobilize the stagnant toxins (AMA)
➢ Maintain Cholesterol level and remove blockages in the blood vessels also Improve circulation and boosts Metabolism (Agni).
➢ Reduce subcutaneous fat and strengthen muscles, bones & joints
➢ Improve circulation by removing blockages in the blood vessels
➢ A gift to women after pregnancy to prevent bulging abdominal fat as tones the muscles and increase compactness in the body.
➢ Rejuvenate and improve skin tone & lustre also prevent strong odour.
➢ Beneficial in conditions like Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Dyslipidaemia, Gynaecological issues like PCOS PCOD, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Generalised body ache or Pain Management, Parkinsonism, Sciatica etc.

How to do Udvartanam

The Ayurvedic special herbal powder either (Paste or Dry) as per Ayurvedic expert’s advice, is massaged all over the body in a direction opposite to hair follicles from below upwards in a synchronous way. Procedure is performed in seven different postures.

  1.  In the sitting position with lower limbs extended.
  2.  Lying on the back
  3.  Lying on one side (left lateral).
  4.  Lying on the belly (prone).
  5.  Lying on other side (right lateral).
  6.  Lying on the back (supine).
  7.  In the sitting position with legs extended.

Both the hands of the therapist work with coordination, so that the herbal powder easily penetrates inside the hair follicles.
Different parts of the body are massaged with different pressure and stroke pattern.
Finally, the person is advised to take rest for few minutes.
The extra powder is removed from the body using a sterile cloth.
It is then followed by swedana (herbal steam therapy), which helps in
removing the stubborn fat present in the body and improves circulation. Lastly the person can take shower with warm water.
The procedure should be done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner.


45-60 min (as per expert’s advice)

Mode of Action

Udvartanam works with the combination of Ayurvedic oils and medicinal herbal powders per Dosha constitution (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) or Prakriti of the person.
The herbs used in Udvartanam create lightness, dryness, roughness, removes the blockages, improves metabolism, distress the body, provides energy, revitalizes the
body, gives stiffness to the body and liquefies fat tissue. The herbal paste or powder when rubbed on the body creates friction, which builds heat in the tissues. Rubbing of the powder open pores of the skin, herbal powder penetrates the skin and the heat produced liquefies the subcutaneous fat.
Steam bath adds more to the therapy by removing the cellulite and building a fat free, smooth and healthy body.

2 types of Udvartanam

1 Snigdha (Oily) Udvartanam
The herbal detoxifying powder is mixed with oil and rubbed over the body.

    In Vata Dosha imbalance or overlapping of Doshas
    To treat pain and provide strength, stability to the body
    On dry skin specially in monsoon or rainy season
    To improve skin tone, texture, complexion and glow
    To prevent skin diseases.

2. Ruksha (Dry) Udvarthanam:
The dry herbal powder is directly rubbed over the body

    To remove Morbidity of Kapha also reduces excess body fat and cholesterol
    In cold and spring season
    To reduce strong odour and excessive sweating
    Clear blockage and obstruction to allow free flow of nutrients
    Treats itching and reduce excess cellulite, fat beneath skin
    To remove stiffness, cold and rigidity from the body
    Treats diabetic patients with insulin resistance and other metabolic disorders

Ayurvedic Herbs and oils commonly practiced during Udvartanam

➢ Kulattha churnam
➢ Triphala churnam
➢ Kolakulalathyadi churnam
➢ Kottamchukkadi
➢ Ishtika churnam
➢ Saindhava tailam
➢ Lavana tailam
➢ Dhanwantaram tailam
➢ Kottamchukkadi tailam

**The above given information is only for reading purpose not to treat or cure any disease. Please contact Ayurvedic
Practitioner for individual concerns. Nature Care Ayurveda is a complete Ayurveda Yoga Detox/ Panchakarma and
Meditation Centre where you can consult Ayurvedic practitioners and experience this priceless Udvartanam Therapy**