Many people suffer from anxiety, insomnia, depression or mental stress, cause being workload, relationships, diet, lifestyle and many more. However, the concern here is dealing with it. How do you deal with it? Some people might choose wise options, while some might get more reliant on alcohol, drugs and unhealthy methods of living. To be in a healthy physical and mental state, Ayurveda recommends “Dinacharya” a specified simple daily routine. Moreover, following a seasonal change in diet and lifestyle, also called “Ritucharya”. The word comes from Sanskrit, implying “ritu” being season and “charya” being to follow. It is essential to change your diet according to the seasons, for example one should eat food that can be digested easily in spring, and avoid foods like cold, sour and sweet. Having a diet consuming more of natural seasonal food can bring you more in sync with the nature. However, a healthy diet has a very positive effect on your body which releases certain vital brain chemicals that avoids symptoms of depression and anxiety. Ayurveda also recommends an individual to try the holistic therapies that will not only detoxify the harmful toxins in your body but also help you bring mind clarity and bliss. Here are four recommended Ayurvedic therapies that have been highly recommended for treating anxiety and depression.

1. Shirodhara: A widely practiced Ayurvedic treatment that helps in treating insomnia, mental stress, and anxiety. The word Shirodhara  is derived from Sanskrit, where shiro being head and Dhara meaning dripping. In simple terms, the process of dripping on one’s head for a specific period of time. The dripping consist of medicated herbal decoctions that is prepared by the specialists, which helps in tactile stimulation of the hair follicles.

This in turn, innervates with one’s ophthalmic nerves providing a deep relaxation for a playful mind. One of the advantages of this potent treatments is that it helps relieve your nervous system. Moreover, various forms of herbal decoctions are used such as medicated cow oil, butter milk, herbal oils depending on the type of Shirodhara you are prescribed. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance caused in your body doshas  can lead to anxiety, depression and other mental problems. The main dosha related to mental problems is Vatadosha, when imbalanced it can lead to problems such as insecurity, fear, overthinking, worry and stress. Therefore, this ancient therapy is highly recommended if you are facing such problems and have tried various alternative solutions, such as medicines but still haven’t found a prominent solution.

2. Abhyanga: This Ayurvedic herbal oil treatment can do wonders to your body. This therapy is highly recommended as a daily part of your routine that is just before bathing, massage your body with coconut or any oil in a circular motion. Moreover, skin being the largest organ in our body can help you release toxins accumulated while sleeping.

The benefits achieved are spectacular, especially practicing this therapy with a traditional Ayurvedic specialists. The practitioners use various herbs and blend it into a herbal oil that helps you experience mind and body relaxation. The herbs are prepared in a careful decoction that helps you in nourishing your skin, lubricating your joints, stimulating the internal system of your body and promoting healthy skin. This practice of massage has also been termed as a practice of self-love and care. Following a regular regime of Abhyanga can help you gain relief from body ache and stiffness.

3. The Nasya Therapy: The word Nasya is an Ayurvedic term for healing or providing relief to disorders that take place in any organ above your neck. This therapy helps in healing migraine, tension headache, stress, sinusitis and many more.

The treatment takes place in the form of medicated oils, fumes or juices. In Ayurveda, there are various types of Nasya Therapy to treat different problems. The difference is based on their herbal medications. Some of the useful forms of Nasya, that helps relieve anxiety, sinus, overthinking, insomnia and depression are mentioned below:

  • Virechana Nasya also called the cleansing therapy, where herbal decoctions, medicated oil or ghee are used to clean your nasal zone. This therapy is very beneficial in treating chronic headaches, migraine and stress.
  • Bruhana Nasya also means nutrition nourishment uses medicated cow oil (or ghee), ashwagandha ghee, herbal oils or medicated milk is used to treat one with a high imbalance in your Vatadosha. This type of therapy is highly beneficial in anxiety, dizziness, fear, negative thoughts, migraine, feeling heavy on eyelids, and stiffness around neck area.
  • Shamana Nasya also called a sedative treatment, is highly beneficial in terms of conditions caused due to stress, and nutrition imbalance. This holistic treatment deals with issues such as premature greying of hair, nose bleed, and various other skin or hair diseases caused due to unhealthy lifestyle.

4.  Yoga and Meditation: In Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are the two important components to achieve a balance between your mind and body. It is also known as the path to spiritual enlightenment, which helps in bringing balance, happiness and peace. Moreover, performing yogic asanas on a regular timely basis can help you clean your dosha imbalance.


In fact, yoga is known to cure many diseases such as asthma, respiratory issues, mind functioning (such as concentration, anxiety, etc) and many more. Similarly, meditation is also an integral part of Ayurveda science. The benefits are spectacular and helps in ailing problems such as insomnia, hypertension, stress, lack of concentration, anxiety, depression. Moreover it also helps in treating physiological conditions like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), high blood pressure, and curing various addictions. According to Ayurveda, one should practice meditation every day. Furthermore, it will not only help you balance your doshas but also help deal with mental problems in a positive state of mind. Practicing meditation can help you quieten those thoughts that trigger your anxiety, it helps you create self-awareness. At Nature Care Ayurveda we also help you practice meditation in a calm and peaceful environment. Moreover, our highly experienced ayurvedic specialists also provide various Ayurvedic treatments such as Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Nasya, Netra Tarpan and many more.

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