How many of you have experienced feeling sluggish, depressed, digestive problems, respiratory issues, or ? More than half of the people in Australia go through some kind of body discomfort. Moreover, students, corporates, or people in general face more of mental issues such as anxiety and depression issues. WHY? The answer is your lifestyle, especially the use of alcohol, drugs, processed foods have made it worse. The accumulation of harmful toxins in our body not only causes us to feel sluggish, but also slows our metabolism making us gain weight.

According to Ayurveda, we humans need to detoxify.  As humans, we are a cultivation of the nature, so it is essential to clear our body from the toxins accumulated throughout the year. Spring and Autumn are known to be the best times of the year to practice system cleansing. Moreover, the idea is to establish a ritual that is easy, gentle and rejuvenating. Spring is near in Australia, especially when the weather has been changing like moods. Furthermore, this fickle minded weather sends various signals to our body, which causes it to adjust according to the environment. For example, you might have noticed that you tend to eat more during winters, and less during the summers. Your logic would be the change in water levels in your body. Indeed, that’s true but due to dehydration, your body tends to accumulate more toxins, and fat. Due to this accumulation, your body starts functioning less effectively. You start feeling sluggish, tired, mood swings, allergies or might even catch a flu.  Therefore, we Ayurvedic practitioners, recommend practicing Spring Detox Therapy. This method of body cleanse ranges from five to twenty-one days, where the traditional practitioners keep a close eye on your mental and physical functioning of the body. In simple terms, your routine is slightly altered with activities like yoga, meditation, simple foods, massage with herbal oils and the list goes on.

The Build Up of Ama during the Winter

You might be wondering “What is Ama?” Ama is an Ayurvedic term for a food product in our body that is undigested and un-metabolised. These toxins circulate in our system and deposits in our cells. This in turn, causes your body to reciprocate by constantly detoxifying by itself. However, just like a vacuum cleaner bag that needs to be cleaned and emptied from the accumulated dust, else the vacuum cleaner will not work efficiently. The human body starts feeling tired and sluggish due to rapid accumulation of toxins through our lifestyle and habits. Therefore, practicing spring detox can help you get rid of the toxins plus bring mental clarity. This traditional detoxification also helps you bring your digestive system on track and helps you relieve from constipation or problems like diarrhoea.

Practicing detox during Spring is highly recommended as you are moving from an immensely cold weather to a hot season. Therefore, the Ayurvedic practitioners suggest to give yourself at least a week or so for trying Spring detox. The time frame for practicing detox varies according to the consultation. However, you can also try it for a minimum number of days, if you do not wish to carry the process for a longer period of time.

Strengthening your Immunity through cleansing

 Immunity in Ayurveda is known as Beej Bhumi which in simple terms is seed and land. Whereas, Beej is seed and Bhumi is land, the reasoning states that land is our body and the cells inside our body is seeds. Just like you nurture a healthy tree by watering it regularly. You nourish your body with healthy and natural foods to a healthier you. Moreover, you might have also noticed that when your body is weak, it lacks a powerful digestive system. You might be constipated, face bloating or have regular motions. Furthermore, you also start lacking energy to get through the day, which means your immune system is weak. This in turn, also gives many people respiratory issues such as hay fever, frequent asthma problems, or flu. During early Spring, our body is more susceptible to such issues due to our weakened immune system.

Understanding your body through your Doshas to practice Spring Detox

 Let us have a look on doshasthat circulates in a human body. We all have our own unique blueprint and thereby our governed by five elements that are building blocks of our human lives. Those five elements are Fire, Water, Ether, Air and Earth that manifests in our body through doshas. Now doshas is known to be three types of energies that defines our behaviour, feelings, and lifestyle. Those three types of energies are:

  • Vata: The leader of the three energies, Vatagoverns your digestive system, controls your blood flow, and eliminates all toxic wastes. When you suffer from Vata you might face an imbalance in your body such as constipation, dry or rough skin, insomnia, forgetfulness, discomfort in joints and many more.
  • Pita: Do you experience frustration, anger, or irritability quite often? Or do you face rashes, or nausea upon missing your meals or loose stools? All these indicates imbalance in your
  • Kapha: Diabetes, gaining weight, sinus congestion, feeling lethargic, possessive, or depressed indicates an imbalance in your This energy is a combination of the elements earth and water. This dosha is known to give your body stability and defines your physical type, that is the body structure. Moreover, people with a predominant Kapha are of a heavier build, oily skin, and black hair. In terms of emotional characteristics, they are known to be calm, loyal, good listeners and patient.

 Therefore, during an Ayurvedic consultation the practitioner will try to identify your dosha and help understand the root cause of your pain or discomfort. The Spring Detox will not only help you detoxify your body, but create a balance in your energy/dosha. Many of the customers, who have experienced this therapy gain emotional balance and a better mental clarity. They start feeling back to their normal self and have control over their emotions.

What are some of the Key Benefits?

To conclude, here are some of the key benefits you can achieve at the end of your Spring Detox:

  • Restored energy levels with a feeling of inner bliss
  • Fully cleansed body, with a well-functioning digestive system
  • Purified lungs and other respiratory tracts
  • Elimination of fat deposited toxins, with an improved immune system
  • A healthier and glowing skin

At Nature Care, we highly specialise in providing Spring Detox therapies by our highly trained Ayurveda doctors (with plus 16 years of experience). Dr. Naveen Shukla, the cofounder of Nature Care has an in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, yoga and meditation. Dr Shukla offers the most comprehensive list of herbal therapies, that helps an individual achieve optimal health and happiness. Moreover, he also specialises in dealing with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. He is known to identify the root cause of the problem and helping an individual achieve pure relaxation.

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