Marma Therapy With Herbal Oil


In this personally tailored massage, the therapist will massage you with oils that have been specifically suited for you and your body, taking advantage of the sensitive ‘points’ in your body known as marma points. Marma points, of which there are 107 in the body, are energy points in the body used for healing in Ayurveda. They can be compared to acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine.


Duration: 1 hr

This massage is a gentle stimulation of specific energy points through a relaxing whole-body massage with natural oils. The oils we use can be used not only to stimulate marma points but also to restore energy, and relax the patient both mentally and physically.

This is not a standard massage in the sense of muscle manipulation, but is a conscious, systematic stimulation of those points that the practitioner deems necessary. They can be combined with various massage techniques, following a complex system of interpretation and diagnosis.