Marma Therapy: An ancient healing process

Marma Chikitsa or more popularly known as Marma Therapy, is an ancient Ayurvedic art of healing that focusses on any exposed, sensitive or weak part of the body, to help your body heal naturally and completely. Marma is also known to be Shakthi or the area of force in our body. This unique method of healing utilizes, vital 107 energy points that are hidden within our body. These energy points are also referred to as Marma Points, where the vital energy or prana resides in our body. Due to the disturbance caused in these vital spots, our body faces the occurrence of many diseases such as pain, oedema spreading to other parts. Therefore, an apt pressure with a good stimulation can help one feel an instant relief from pain or their area of discomfort. Thus, this ancient art of healing restores the balance of our body tissues (Dhatus), improving the flow of energy and blood circulation.

According to Sankhya, a Hindu philosophy on creation, there are two kinds of minds, one is vibhu, that is the universal mind and second is anu, the individual mind. The universal mind is infinitely at peace, vast and unbounded, while the normal mind is conditioned through our thoughts, emotions and feelings stored in our memory. The more the individual mind fails to be aligned with the universal mind, the more humans suffer. Through the Marma healing process, one can feel more centered, calm and connected with their inner self. In addition, it can help you bring clarity to the mind and create compassion within you as a person.

This therapy is highly recommended in conditions like frozen joints, muscular strain, joint pain, nervous system disorders, low energy, fatigue, memory loss, migraine, anxiety, depression, insomnia. Moreover, it is also considered highly remedial in diseases like paralysis, sciatica, Tremors, Huntington’s disease, Muscular twitching, facial palsy, disc bulge or prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrome and many more.

This ancient therapy or treatment is practiced in numerous ways by different physicians. The treatment may include modalities such as :

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Massage
  • Stone Therapy
  • Acupressure

The focus here is to help activate the Chakras (energy centers) of body, mind and consciousness, releasing all obstructions caused in the body circulation, and improve the blood flow. According to a Medical Journal published in 2006, Marma therapy is deemed to be safe, and was considered to be originated from South India and is highly practiced around the globe, also influencing the development of Chinese acupuncture and Kung Fu. The science of Marma has been well explained in the Indian scripture, Agasteya Marma Shastra which contains a list of systematic concepts like physiology, anatomy, and pathological conditions. Moreover, the causes, symptoms and treatments of various diseases are explained in the Agasteya Marma Shastra. Therefore, Marma is known to be the absolute remedy, especially in today’s time where we humans are facing high amount of stress, back ache, or other diseases such as diabetes.

The most important principle of Marma therapy is using mild touch on the healing points to experience calmness in the body. After a session, an individual can feel the difference in their physical and spiritual state of the body and mind, inducing calmness and relaxation. The modern outlook on Marma can be explained as an analgesic effect inducing endorphins, activated by the vital points of our body, thus providing an immense relaxation to our stiff muscles and promoting a healthy blood circulation to our body tissues. Marma is also known to regulate and normalize the cortisol levels, especially the oxytocin hormone, helping us feel energetic and back to our normal self. In addition, it is known to be the classic solution towards anxiety, depression and other psychological problems accumulated in your life.

Marma Therapy is also known as the preventive medicine for athletes, as it helps to safeguard their stamina, strength, tendons, ligaments, muscles and more importantly flexibility. Furthermore, many studies and researches are being directed on every Marma point and their effect on the brain, that results in a sudden relief of pain. Lastly, this captivating form of healing is truly a blessing for a blissful and happy life. Indian ancestors, who were highly skilled in Ayurveda have passed this natural art of healing to their generations.

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