Coping with hormonal roller coasters? Undergoing sleepless nights, back ache, or mood swings? Pregnancy and the delivery are one of the most beautiful stages in an expecting parent’s life. However, it can be quite nerve-wracking and stressful. During this stage, expecting mothers needs vital care and be extra careful with their diet and physical movements. More importantly, keeping their sanity at the same time. If you are an expecting mother reading this article, you might very well understand the discomfort experienced. In Ayurveda, there are certain list of rituals or foods that an expecting mother should practice or consume for a healthy baby with less complications.

Today we would like to introduce you to the most essential treatments of all – Ayurveda Pregnancy Massage. One of the most effective, safest and nourishing therapy, Pregnancy Massage has numerous benefits in terms of physical, mental, spiritual and physiological state of mothers.

Below are given are the amazing benefits of this potent treatment:

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

According to a research (by Field et. Al) Eighty – Four expectant mothers, who were undergoing depression/stress/anxiety were randomly assigned to massage therapy, yoga and prenatal control groups. The results were astonishing as in just a span of 12 weeks, with

yoga and two weekly massage treatments (20-minute session), the groups had a greater percentage decrease in anxiety, depression, back problems and swollen feet. Moreover, the massage groups had lower cortisol levels, no post-natal complications, that included high decrease in premature birth.

Improved Blood Circulation providing vital nourishment and oxygenated blood to the baby

A regular treatment of Pregnancy Massage is quite the most efficient way for nourishing the foetus. It helps in systemic increase in blood circulation, which provides increased levels of oxygen and nutrients to the developing baby. Placenta a temporary organ that provides essential nutrients to the child, comprises of blood vessels and membranes. When a mother consumes appropriate diet, the nutrients absorbed in mothers blood moves from Placenta, through the umbilical cord to foetus. Furthermore, the foetus absorbs the essential nutrients and oxygen from Placenta and sends it through the second cord. A proper treatment of Ayurveda massage helps to keep the blood pressure in control. Moreover, it also prevents conditions like anaemia for the mother. Moreover, it also prevents intrauterine restriction growth. Therefore, it is highly recommended for expectant mothers to practice Ayurveda Massage. The therapy is highly advisable by well trained professionals, to avoid any slightest errors.

Controls and Maintains Hormonal Changes

The fluctuations in hormone levels are quite at rise. As this is the most sensitive and yet beautiful stage of a woman’s life. However, the fluctuations can take a toll on expecting mothers, as they go through various mood swings such as irritability, anger, sadness, and feeling worried. Practicing Ayurveda prenatal treatment, can help mothers feel emotionally and mentally balanced. Moreover, regulated hormone levels keep a steady and healthy growth in the child.

Easing Muscle Pain and Cramps

If you are an expectant mother, reading this! You must have already read the prominence of calcium deficiency during pregnancy. This in turn, causes on and off pain in various parts of the body. Some days the level of discomfort is really high, especially in back and leg. Women in their second trimester, often face such issues as the body prepares itself to bear the weight. This in turn highly affects your lower body, due to which women face extreme swelling. With Ayurveda massage, there are various kinds of herbal oils used. That nourishes a mother’s body, and eases her cramps. The herbal oils penetrate deep in to the tissue, and nourishes the body with essential nutrients that expecting mothers might not be able to consume through her diet or so.

Balancing Your Energy Levels

During Pregnancy, VataDosha needs more attention and care to keep it balanced. Expectant mothers are advised to eat a well-balanced diet, that can maintain their energy levels in their nervous system. To keep them strong and well hydrated, a diet based on grains, dairy, sprouts, leafy greens and non-processed food is important. However, a wholesome diet is not just all to maintain a healthy pregnancy. It is quite important, that the nutrients are absorbed and the waste accumulated is efficiently excreted to keep the internal body pure and clean. Through Ayurveda Massage, the certain techniques and methods can help regulate the bodily functions. This result, in mother feeling more relaxed, happy and rejuvenated.


              In the end, A HAPPY MOTHER = A HAPPY BABY

At Nature Care, we highly specialise in providing Pregnancy Massage by our highly trained Ayurveda doctors (with plus 16 years of experience). Dr. Naveen Shukla, the cofounder of Nature Care has an in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda medicine, yoga and meditation. Dr Shukla offers the most comprehensive list of herbal therapies, that helps expecting mothers to achieve optimal health and happiness. Moreover, he also specialises in dealing with mental, emotional, physical and spiritual issues. He is known to identify the root cause of the problem and helping an individual achieve pure relaxation.

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